New England just roped in another record.

The Guinness World Records has officially declared the tallest steer in the United States in Massachusetts.

I know. I was shocked too. How is the tallest steer not in Maine or New Hampshire?

If you are unfamiliar with the term "steer," no worries:

According to a Britannica article, a "steer" is a "young neutered male cattle primarily raised for beef. In the terminology used to describe the sex and age of cattle, the male is first a bull calf and if left intact becomes a bull; if castrated he becomes a steer and about two or three years grows to an ox."

Regardless of what you call the animal, this thing is a beast.

Guinness World Records, via Facebook
Guinness World Records, via Facebook

According to the Guinness World Records, "Tommy," the name of the steer, is over six feet, one inch tall. He is a 13-year-old bovine from Cheshire, Massachusetts, and currently the tallest living steer in Massachusetts.

He'll be featured in the 2024 book!

The owners knew Tommy was big, but they didn't realize that he was abnormally big until year four or five. They said he just kept growing, and growing...and growing.

That growth has added up to over 3,000 pounds, with each leg carrying 750 pounds of weight.

Despite being so large, the steer is a calm and kind animal. His owners say he loves snacks and kids too.

The owners let Tom eat what he wants. This equates to about five gallons of grain a day, a bale to a bale and a half of hay a day, and lots of snacks from the family. But his water intake is crazy.

Tommy consumes at least two bathtubs of water every day, or more.

Don't worry Tommy, we don't body shame here.

We are PROUD you are getting this title of Tallest Steer in the USA by the Guinness Book of World Records. Way to make New England proud!

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