Have you made it to the highest point of elevation in your state?

Each state's highest peak has various levels of difficulty. Take Alaska, for example. Denali is the highest peak in Alaska standing at over 20,000 feet. It is a monster to tackle.

In New Hampshire (and all of New England), Mount Washington is the highest peak at just over 6,000 feet. Mount Washington can be submitted by car, train, or on foot with a variety of hiking trails, leading to one of the best views in all of New England.

The highest peak in Massachusetts is similar to Mount Washington, as you can hike it, or drive it, so you may run into many visitors at the summit.

The highest point in Massachusetts, Mount Greylock, is located in the northwest corner of the Bay State.

This is a perfect peak for your family, as it is a manageable hike and less strenuous than Mount Washington. In addition to the great view, your little one will get to tell all of their friends they conquered the highest peak in Massachusetts.

To summit Mount Greylock, choose any of the 10+ trails found on the All Trails website.

One of the most popular hikes up the mountain is the Bellows Pipe Trail. This trail is manageable, but certainly a full hike.

The 5.9 mile out and back trail takes on just over 2,000 feet of elevation gain. So this is not an "easy" hike, but technically-speaking, it is one of the most manageable "highest peaks in your state."

That trail, which takes about four hours round-trip, can be found on the All Trails website.

For those looking to see the highest peak without taking on the summit, there are tons of other trails in the Mount Greylock Reservation area.

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