Can you stand this little pup?  They are so cute when they are little, but the really special puppies are conduits to comforting so many people in the community and bringing smiles everywhere they go.

The newest comfort dog is at the Nashua Police Department in New Hampshire, and the town is already going crazy for little Ozzy, following a Facebook post.

He's a little English Labrador who's growing fast.

Ozzy is now 12 weeks old and nearly 30 pounds. He's learning so much in Obedience School and Good Citizen Training to become the best comfort dog he can be for the people of Nashua.

Based on the comments, it looks like Ozzy is a fan favorite already.

Look at those paws he’s going to be a big boy. Welcome Ozzy.

Welcome Ozzy, I’m available if extra snuggles are needed.

Awe so cute....What is sentence or fine for stealing a puppy?
Asking for a friend

Nashua Police Department via Facebook
Nashua Police Department via Facebook

Comfort dogs are important to communities they serve, because they offer a sense of calm and security.  NBC News reports the human and dog connection cures a lot of emptiness.

Dogs can teach you how to trust again, and have a relationship.  Dogs also stay present in the moment, and aren't thinking about future nor how their past defines them. They only care about that moment with you.

This is why police and fire departments have found comfort dogs to be a blessing, not to mention the calm pets bring to the first responders as well.

If you want to meet Ozzy, just watch the Nashua Police Department Facebook page to find out when he'll be ready for service.

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