I was raised by two teachers, so educators will always hold a special place in my heart. My mom was an elementary school music teacher, and my dad taught theater and TV production at the high school I attended. Yes, I did take his class, and no, he didn't give me an 'A' just because I was his daughter. I kind of wish he did.

Teachers are often underpaid and under-appreciated, as they have one of the most difficult and important jobs out there. I absolutely love what Readers Digest is doing to highlight the best and most beloved teachers in the country.

RD is letting communities cast their votes on who they think holds the title of America's Favorite Teacher. Whoever gets the most votes will appear in Reader's Digest, win a trip to Hawaii, and take home $25,000. How amazing is that?

One of our own is in the running! Heather Griffin is a second grade teacher at Chamberlain Street School in Rochester, and she has been there for nine years. Miss Griffin has a passion for teaching, and it is very clear that this is what she was put on this earth to do. She says,

"My kids aren’t just students in a classroom, they’re family. I love them each wholeheartedly. We get to learn and have fun everyday."

Heather is a quarter finalist for this award, and with a few more votes, she could be taking home the title and $25,000. How amazing would it be to see a teacher from our backyard win this?

Heather Griffin needs your vote, and you only have a few days to do it, so vote here and share the link with your friends.

Best of luck, Heather! Even if you don't win, you are winner in our eyes, and it is so unbelievable you got to this point. We're so proud of you.

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