Is there really a better breakfast food than bacon? No way.

Bacon is a staple of a great breakfast, whether you are making Christmas morning breakfast, headed out to brunch, or simply having a breakfast sandwich.

And who doesn't love bacon? Jerks, that's who. Bacon is a delicacy. It brings salty yet sweet and deliciously crunchy meat to life the second it hits your lips.

And don't get me going about the aroma. EVERYONE knows the smell of freshly-cooked bacon. Your neighbor six houses up the road could be cooking some bacon, and you would smell it.

There is a restaurant in New Hampshire that specializes in everyone's favorite breakfast meat: good old-fashioned bacon.

I'm talking about the Bacon Barn in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

As the name suggests, this place not only serves bacon, but they've perfected the art of making it the focal point of your breakfast plate.

According to an Only in Your State article,

The Bacon Barn offers five varieties of bacon including house hickory smoked, applewood, bourbon, pepperwood and jalapeno.

I mean, every breakfast spot has bacon on the menu, but I have never seen so many choices as to the flavor or type of bacon.

And the bacon here is perfect. There is no debate that properly-cooked (crispy and thick) bacon is the best. Look at the bacon featured in this video and tell me you are not salivating.

The Bacon Barn has tons of amazing breakfast foods to offer...not just bacon.

Look at these apple strudel cinnamon swirl pancakes. We're drooling.

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