There are only a handful of ways to make breweries better (I mean, craft beer on draft should be good enough).

BUT if delicious craft beer is not enough, how about adding some baby goats and puppies?

That will certainly make your brewery experience better, and that is what is available at Timberyard Brewing Company in East Brookfield, Massachusetts.

The Timberyard Brewing Company is a cool spot. The rustic environment inside the brewery is a whole vibe.

With hundreds of breweries popping up all over New England, breweries have to offer experiences to catch the eye of craft beer enthusiasts.

One of the most popular "trends" or experiences that I have seen is baby goat yoga.

Yes, you literally do yoga while baby goats are running around, giving you kisses, and even jumping on your back during your downward dog.

And if the baby goat yoga is not enough, Timberyard Brewing Company offers something EVERYONE loves: puppies.

Yup, if barnyard animals are not quite your scene, puppy therapy certainly is.

Similar to baby goat yoga, the doggy yoga at the Timberyard Brewing Company is exactly what the title suggests. It's yoga, with (and this is the fun part) dogs roaming around, giving you kisses, and distracting you from knowing how tight your hamstrings really are.

Both yoga experiences are ticketed "events" that you can find on the Timberyard Brewing Company website.

They also have other events like trivia, cornhole, and live music on a truck bed stage!

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