Finally, something we can all agree on: bounce houses are epic and fun. And they really should make them for adults, not just kids.

Well, an adult bounce house does exist, and it is coming to New England this summer.

The WORLD'S LARGEST bounce house will be in New England this summer, for both kids and adults of any age.

This is the Big Bounce America:

Big Bounce America is kind of like a traveling circus, but instead of bringing animals, they bring bounce houses...a lot of them.

I saw that Big Bounce America was in Rhode Island last weekend, but from July 5-7, it will be in Wrentham, Massachusetts.

So what the heck is this "tour" all about?


Let's get to the stats. Big Bounce America has over 24,000 square feet of inflatable craziness, making it the largest in the world. There's over 32 feet in elevation for epic slides, but what else? This cannot JUST be a massive area to bounce on air and slide, right?

No. It is much more.

According to the Big Bounce America website, the enormous and bouncy space includes... hoops for those big-air slam-dunks, climbing towers that reach to the sky, a giant slide that takes you outside the main structure and lands you into a ball-pit, over-sized couches and chairs for you to chill on...

There are over 50 obstacles and features in the 900-foot-long bounce house.

This is wildly cool for everyone in New England. Your kids will love going there with family and friends. But let's not pretend that you yourself do not want to go...and you can.

There are toddler jump sessions, junior sessions, bigger kids sessions, and finally, adult sessions. So tag your jumping squad. Make this one of the most fun days/nights out of your life.

The Big Bounce America Tour, the WORLD'S largest bounce house, is coming to Wrentham, Massachusetts, on July 5-7.

Grab your tickets and check out more information here.

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