And here we go with another useless, dangerous, mildly disgusting, but awkwardly funny internet phenomenon.  This one dubbed 'Turkey Slurpee.'  If you're looking to choke to death, this little stunt might be just what you need.

As you can see in the video, you take a thin slice of turkey (lunch meat style) and place it to your lips, then you suck it in, and if you're lucky it goes all the way down your throat and into your belly.  If you're not lucky, it gets lodged in your air passage and you suffocate and die.  Nice little trick, huh?

The most entertaining part of this video is not the woman that successfully pulls off the 'Turkey Slurpee.' It's the expression on the guys face in the background as she inhales the slice of turkey, and of course his failed attempt at the feat is wildly humorous as well.  Please don't try this.  Here it is in slow motion.