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U Pick Em Football Picks Championship Week
After Team Jacob (14-5) and Team Hugh (9-10) were both victorious last week with our respective Divisional Picks (San Fran. and Green Bay) we can only flip a coin and hope for the best on Championship Sunday!
Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Gone, Never Forgotten
Some of the outrage exhibited by the Boston sports outrage machine concerning Alex Cora has been, in a word, outrageous. I'll give you some positives from his Sox career in an effort to try give perspective on this cheating scandal as a sad occasion, instead of one to scream and rant about.

Fake Sick Day Power Rankings
According to a new study from Zippia, Monday is THE most common faked sick day of the week. I'm about to tell you why it's NOT the best day. Behold, my Fake Sick Day Power Rankings!