Granted that year was 1991, but still. This is an epic brawl that my cousin was involved in during his playing days with The Johnstown Chiefs. Watch here as he takes on Dave 'Moose' Morrisette in a very resourceful manner.

My brother's 'goal' is to 'Get this video to go viral!' So, I'm posting it here in hopes it will do just that.

After watching this fight about 200 times, I noticed that Morrissette was the first one to completely abandon 'The Queensberry Rules' and go for the initial headbutt at around 1:15.

Grassie's reply a few seconds later was made far more effective as he still had his helmet on.

This whole scenario looks like it could have been pulled from the classic Paul Newman hockey movie, 'Slap Shot' and the connections to that Universal Pictures film and this very real brawl are many.

My cousin's team at the time was 'The Johnstown Chiefs'. They were the inspiration for 'The Charlestown Chiefs', the fictional minor league hockey team in the movie.

The most memorable characters from that flick, 'The Hanson Brothers' featured an actor/hockey player named Steve Carlson who portrayed 'Steve Hanson'.

Steve Carlson was coaching Johnstown at the time of this bench clearing melee!

I remember the last time we had a family get together, I think I heard Chris say 'I forgot he was a lefty'. I can't help but wonder if the subject of that statement was Morrissette, who appears to be using his left hand as the match was broken up by the refs.

Blood, headbutts, fighting goalies and flying mullets! This fight has it all!

Thanks to my cousin Jeremy for locating this gem somewhere in the wilds of YouTube.

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