Win Tickets and Meet and Greets to Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience Via A-Train’s ‘Belly Bottle Bonham Drum Solo’ [VIDEO]
There are a lot of frustrated drummers among us. You know them, you work with them. They pick up any object that's handy, and before you know it, they're tapping away on the desk with their pencil, or banging away with an empty water bottle. Aaron Lapierre is in the latter category. He's forever using empty bottles as drumsticks and bashing out drum solos.
A-Train Karaoke
Fridays just aren't good enough on their own so we decided to get squirrely and do more Karaoke. 'It's Friday, Let's Karaoke' is now a permanent feature on the Shark...at least until the Karaoke machine breaks. Here's A-Train's ode to the '80's.