DWTS Season 20

Final DWTS Prediction of Season 20
In all my years of predicting this show, I've always missed by a mile. This time I'm confident that victory will finally be mine and the metaphoric Mirrorball trophy will be in my grasp.
DWTS Update: Willow? Say It Ain’t So!
Last week, the oldest member of the Season 20 cast was left behind and now the youngest dancer in the show's history has been eliminated. Willow Shields (Born in 2000!) of 'The Hunger Games' saga was sent back to District 12 (Thankfully the eliminations on DWTS are much kinder and gen…
Redfoo Bids Adieu on Dancing With the ‘Who’?
I've made it pretty clear that I'm not thrilled with this season's cast of DWTS, but I don't want to abandon it entirely as it has rebounded from previous lean years. There is talk that a certain reality star could dance next season and garner 'Olympic' level ratings.