Three Toys For Children That Adults Can Enjoy
A couple of weeks ago I posted 'Three Children's Toys That Will Drive You Mad.' So, I figured it would be a good idea to highlight three toys for children that adults can enjoy, sometimes more than the kids.
Most Annoying Toys
Obviously children love toys. If you have kids, you have toys. Lots of them. Some toys are fun for adults as well as kids, like building blocks. Other toys are downright evil and will make you crazy. Here are 3 children's toys that will drive you mad!
1970’s Lego Flyer Has Timeless Message
It's nice to see that even back in the age of Ron Burgundy, Lego had a message that stomped all over the closed mindedness of gender roles. Just a little reminder to chill out if your daughter is obsessed with football or if your son won't stop singing "Let It Go" from &a…