A guy on Twitter named Sage Boggs '@sageboggs' figured out what the 'Tri' stands for in 'Triscuit' and it completely blew my mind. This was my favorite edition of 'Time For Food' ever.

Coutesy of triscuit.com - Nabisco - Mondelez International
Coutesy of triscuit.com - Nabisco - Mondelez International

The funniest part of this saga is the correspondence that Seth had with Nabisco. They wrote back to his inquiry with this polite, articulate and completely mysterious response.

No business records survived which specifically explain the origins or inspiration for the name 'Triscuit'. But we do know the name was chosen as a fun derivation of the word 'biscuit'. The "TRI" does not mean three. - Nabisco

After searching for the answer for seemingly decades or perhaps minutes, Sage's research hit pay dirt when he discovered advertising from the year 1903. (Who knew Triscuits had been around for 120 years?)

They we're originally marketed as 'Baked By Electricity' which in 1903 was a truly futuristic and techy concept.

'Electricity Biscuits'


Sage Boggs is my hero.

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