I've gone dog sledding before, and it is such an absolute blast.  Not only is it stunning visually, but one of the most invigorating and special outings you'll ever do.

While my dog sledding excitement was a couple of hours in Colorado, this memorable excursion has adventure-loving vacationers traveling from all over for that next exciting, unique trip.  And here we are with it right in our own New England backyard.  Talk about taking advantage of where we live.

Mahoosic Guide Service via Facebook
Mahoosic Guide Service via Facebook

Are you ready to think outside your getaway box and try a dogsledding and cross-country skiing escape in Vacationland, or just spend your getaway dogsledding?  Maine has it for you.

It all takes place in the breathtaking Mahoosic Mountains area or Umbagog Lake in the North Woods of Maine.

Little Outdoor Giants Mahoosic Guide Service via Facebook
Little Outdoor Giants Mahoosic Guide Service via Facebook

According to Mahoosic Guide Service, the exciting activities for all weekend trips include mushing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing, or you can choose to just hang with the Huskies.  Also, you have a choice of three or four-day weekend trips.  There are also day trips and customized dogsledding trips for weekdays and weekends.

Mahoosic Guide Service says these tours use top-of-the-line sleds and gear to make sure you're set with the best guides, equipment, and warmth.

On combination trips, you would X-country ski one way and mush one way in and out from camp. All mush trips go in and out to camp by dog team, but there is time to try X-country skiing or snowshoeing from camp. On four-day trips, we do a day trip out from our base camp and have a hot trail lunch heated over a campfire. If it is an Intro four-day trip, you would ski and mush on the middle day. On an all mush trip, you would travel only by dog team on the middle day. Two people per sled work with the dog teams on all weekend trips.

Mahoosic Guide Service adds that you camp in the traditional style of canvas wall tents heated with wood stoves with balsam fir bough floors.

Okay, that's enough out of me.  Click here to get all the details you need to plan this unforgettable experience.

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