Here's One Place In New England You Don't Want to Be This Week
It certainly feels like winter in New England recently. After a pretty warm start to January- a top 10 warmest-ever January in fact-we are back in the bitter cold, with (finally) some snow in the forecast. Now, we all live here in New England because we think of winter as a great adventure, right? W…
Tom Brady's Parental COVID-19 Drama
As your home for New England Patriots Football AND all things TB12, I feel we must discuss this. The beginning of Tom Brady's tenure in Tampa was rocked by a serious family medical drama, according to an ESPN report.
Granite Staters Biggest Pet Peeve?
A fascinating new study by Zippia specifies the biggest 'Pet Peeve' of each state and I must say, this one for NH doesn't top my list but it certainly ranks right up there.

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