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Fake Epping Strip Club Sign Still On The Pole
When we first learned of "Simple Pleasures Gentlemen's Club" through this Union Leader story, it was just a prank sign promoting a fictional strip club that was to be built on the corner of Route 125 and Route 27. Now, this prank will forever live in infamy.
Patriots Julian Edelman Joins 'Put Me In'
This is a great cause that goes hand in hand with one of the true passions in Julian Edelman's life, the love of sports. 'The Squirrel' just announced that he is an 'Athlete Ambassador' for this non-profit with a very specific financial mission
No Midnight Voting in NH?
The three towns that pride themselves on voting 'First In The Nation' will be changing up a few things this year. According to this WMUR-TV report, one will cancel the tradition altogether.

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