Lots of graduating classes this weekend!  UNH, St. Anselm's and Plymouth State all have commencement ceremonies.

Along with the gifts, graduates, no doubt, will get a lot of advice.  Here is some advice that our friends and listeners gave to the Class of 2018:

  • Brian says:   If you have student loan debt, continue to live like a broke student and pay it off before you begin life. If you don't, they will follow you around like a pet for 20 years. Get rid of it before you go buy a new car or buy a house.
  • Another Brian says:  Be nice to your parents because you're going to be living with them for at least 15 more years.
  • Alison says:  Be thrifty ! Put $ away for retirement bc when you get older you will want to retire as soon as you can. Do things to please your self, not your parents ! ( I have perfect vision: 20/20 hindsight )
  • Greg says:  Go to trade school, no wait. Unlearn that common core math first.
  • Pat says:   Breathe. Stay out of debt. Figure out what you love and don’t get married young. Plus get your own place with roommates.
  • Warren says:  Observe what your parents and their friends did. Don't do that.
  • Ralph says:  Your life starts now....take it one step at a time... Think ahead and think it through...never give up on your dreams.. Where do you eant to be in 5...10...20 years.. What do you need to do to get there??...never forgot to have fun....
  • Martha says:  Save your money and wear sunscreen.
  • Sarah Jean says:  Don’t waste your time on an expensive education......oh wait.
  • Roger quotes:   "It's what you learn after you know it all that makes the difference." - Earl Weaver

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