Turkey had its moment.

Oh sure you can enjoy the leftovers for a little longer, but pretty soon, that turkey is gonna be dry and the gravy is gone! Just how many sandwiches CAN you eat before you start craving something a little juicy, a little greasy, and the complete opposite of turkey?

It's obviously up for interpretation on what makes a good burger - and of course your mood, but you can't go wrong with these ten picks. Before you race to any of these choices, please make sure to call or find out the hours because some are seasonal. It's always a good plan to plan what you are gonna do when winter is over. I love that we are talking about planning what to do when winter is over and winter hasn't even started! For me it's not a calendar thing, it's a temperature thing. And the temperature has 100% dipped into winter territory!

Some burgers will cost ya just a couple of bucks, but some burgers will run ya a good $15. I'll never forget the first time I paid over ten bucks for a burger. But the times they are a changing.

Is your favorite on this list? Who did we leave out? Maybe there should be another list. I'm always up for suggestions on a good burger. Nothing beats it!

10 Best Burgers in Maine

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