Here's my costume from last year - I was a formal apology

Cropped sorry

Pretty clever and wicked easy.  LITERALLY, the day before I needed SOMETHING to wear, I came up with that with a little help from Pinterest.

We took a poll this morning of some quick and easy last minute Halloween costumes and here are some of the responses:

Thomas Cook Nudist  (e.d., not a chance....)
Pete Lambert Fall back on the classic, white sheet = ghost, plaid sheet = Scottish ghost, spotted sheet = ghost with measles, sheet with flowers = ghost wearing grandma's housecoat.
Patti Kelley Face paint or some good eye liner ... draw whiskers, black on the nose and then a headband with ears 🐱
Joseph La Dow Cut holes in a clear trash bag, put it on, fill it with balloons and close it. Go as a bag of jelly beans (or gumballs).
Patricia Woods Murray Get a bath robe, fuzzy slippers and curlers for your hair. Oh and don't forget a coffee can wear what ever you want under robe.
Martha May Fink Am 80s prom queen. A bright poofy dress, some big hair,
Alicia Gail Pig in a blanket ! I was that a couple years ago for a work party I wasn’t prepared for 
Erin Lloyd Morse Nightgown, curlers in your hair and crazy makeup. Comfy and easy.
Angela C Pratt Just say you are an interested party.  (I like this one!!)

Joni Lynn Wilder Zombie.

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