I am really proud to be from New Hampshire.  If you are looking in to moving here, I would suggest it highly and it's not just because of the "no sales tax" thing, although that's pretty great.  (We'll get you with the Real Estate Taxes, but that's a story for another day.)

We have beautiful scenery here, delicious maple syrup, pancakes to ruin every other pancake in the country and you can go from the City to the Country in the same day.  As a matter of fact, I do that probably about 3x per week.

New Hampshire really does have it all.

If, however, you are looking for life in the fast lane, I would not suggest living here.  Heck, I wouldn't even suggest that for Boston.  (For a big city, Boston is rather small.)  Time moves a bit slower in New Hampshire and slower still in different parts of the state.

For instance, if you live in Nashua, you might as well be in Massachusetts.  You can move at a faster pace than someone who is from Wolfeboro in the Lakes Region.  If you go to Wolfeboro, people are on vacation all the time, so you probably won't get that super speedy service or expect to drive wicked fast.  Just doesn't happen in the Lakes Region.

WAY up North in Coos county, if they don't know you, you won't get kidnapped and thrown in to a barn, but you might get the "hairy eyeball" from the locals.

Enjoy and Welcome to New Hampshire!

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