What started with a Facebook invite ended in a 100-person snowball fight on Market Square during winter storm Juno.

The Facebook event, aptly titled "2015 Market Square Snowball Fight", had an invite list of over 1,000 people, and a turnout of over 400.

From the Facebook event page:

Tonight, January 26 2015, we are expecting a major snowfall that will last the next 24-36 hours and accumulate up to 2 ft. of snow. We haven't had an opportunity like this since "Snowicane" Nemo in 2013, and we should take advantage of it.

Tomorrow afternoon, January 27th, at 1PM we will meet in Market Square in front of RiRa and BNG to commence this years annual snowball fight. And as is custom, we will then drink beers at whatever bar is open.

The snowball fighters found their open bar at RiRa and even drank them out of Guinness.


The snowball fight even went viral and was picked up by Good Morning America, and ABC News. This post on the ABC News facebook page has over 90,000 likes.