From Kansas City to Texas to the Carolinas, the most delicious BBQ is definitely a Midwest and Southern thing.  Oh, and a Texas thing, because Texans abhor the thought of being considered the South.

But finding good BBQ outside of those regions isn't hard at all.  Now hear me out.  Those true, authentic styles can be found anywhere in the country, but what makes certain BBQ restaurants, food trucks, and pit stops different is the pit master.   Any restaurant can claim they have Kansas City Ribs or Texas BBQ, but if that pit master (AKA the chef) doesn't genuinely know how to properly make that style, then you're not really eating real BBQ.

So, I've gathered the top 12 best BBQ places, including food trucks, roadside shacks, and restaurants, to make it easy for you to find legit and undisputed BBQ in New Hampshire.

Each and every one of these places has pit masters that have studied the styles and even lived them.  For instance, according to Web Restaurant Store, what makes Texas BBQ is beef ribs and melt-in-your-mouth brisket.  Dry rubs are key, but you can find wet rubs, which means sauce as well.  Meanwhile, Carolina style is all about slow-roasted, whole hog barbecue.  There's also Memphis-style BBQ, Kansas City style, and even more condensed BBQ styles like St. Louis, Alabama, Santa Maria, and Kentucky styles.

Can you believe there's such an education out there? So here we go.

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