Spring is here in all her glory, and this writer couldn't be happier about it.

Isn't it nice when you're driving to work and see leaves sprouting on the trees and beautiful flowers emerging from the ground? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and warmer days have finally arrived.

We New Englanders know that nicer weather means a host of new activities are once again at our fingertips. Summers on the lake, trips to the beach, amusement and water parks...the possibilities are endless.

One popular pastime we can't get enough of is outdoor dining. After spending months cooped up inside and sheltering from the cold, it's incredibly refreshing to sit on a deck, cocktail in hand, and enjoy excellent eats, views, and company.

Everyone has those special restaurants that they flock to during the spring and summer. This could be to enjoy outdoor dining, as mentioned, or perhaps there's a certain type of cuisine you crave along with the sunshine.

Whatever the case may be, we decided to hop on Facebook and ask locals to share their go-to restaurants they frequent during the warmer months. Sure enough, lots of places were suggested. Here's a look at which spots were recommended:

12 Restaurants Granite Staters Flock to When the Weather Warms Up

Portsmouth is always a popular summertime destination, and filled with all kinds of restaurants that offer outdoor seating. Let's have a look:

15 of the Best Restaurants for Outdoor Seating in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

While we're chatting about Portsmouth dining options, here are the oldest restaurants in town. How many of these places have you been to?

20 of the Oldest Restaurants in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Still Going Strong

Here's what locals say are some of the oldest restaurants in the Portsmouth area. Be sure to go to the bottom to see which one's the oldest.

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