OK, now that Barstool's own Dave Portnoy has ripped through Portland, Maine, with his One Bite Pizza reviews, he should hit up New Hampshire.

Let's put some pizza energy out for Dave to come to New Hampshire.

Will he give a review as high as he did for Monte's in Portland? We will see.

There are many places in NH serving fantastic pizza that Portnoy is skipping over, so let's put him onto some of the best pizza spots in the area.

Carbs really do bring the world together.

There are a number of places that have stood out for New Hampshire pizza lovers. Tilton House of Pizza has been named one of the best in the US by the Daily Meal and LoveFood. And Granite Staters have included a variety of their favorites on multiple lists ot the "top" pizza places as well.

If the za's good, I'll pay whatever I have to.

But what will Dave like? We know he loves a thin crust, and he's always looking out for the "flop" of the pizza.

Check out one of his recent Maine review videos below:

So where will Dave enjoy if/when he comes to New Hampshire?

Well, Dave, here's a list of New Hampshire pizza places you should try (if you haven't already!)

Ready for it? Time to eat some delicious pizza!

13 New Hampshire Pizza Places Barstool's Dave Portnoy Needs to Visit

Here are some New Hampshire pizza places he should make the trip to check out if he hasn't already.

Gallery Credit: Krissy

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