Eventually you won't be able to find any food out there WITHOUT pumpkin spice shoved directly into it.

Hey everyone (pumpkin spice) it is almost fall and (pumpkin spice) it is time once again for (pumpkin spice) the general public to consume large (pumpkin spice) amounts of (pumpkin spice.)

Haven't heard of the upcoming pumpkin spice season yet? That's a lie because that's all everyone talks about towards the end of summer. Companies love it because they know they can just slap pumpkin spice into anything and everyone will want to try it.

There are some places where pumpkin spice just DOES NOT belong. I mean really, pumpkin spice protein? Wheat-thins? This is just getting out of hand and we all need to come together and put a stop to this.

19 Pumpkin Spice Food Combinations that Shouldn't Exist