Recently, real estate developers Mark Stebbins of  XSS Hotels and Jeff Johnstone of Cathartes got together to create "Portsmouth Together 200 Challenge," according to a Press Release.

The purpose of the newly birthed organization is to try and help art/performance spaces and hunger relief organizations who have suffered throughout the pandemic. The two men are looking to provide what they are hoping is "the last bridge" to this Summer when things should get back to normal in approximately 100 days.

Their goal is to raise $100,000 from individuals and businesses throughout the Seacoast and beyond and they are prepared to match every dollar, up to $100,000.  If they reach their goal, they will have raised $200,000 and both hope for more.

From a Press Release, here's Mark Stebbins of XSS Hotels:

We see the end in sight for COVID-19 but we wanted to do what we can to make sure these important organizations make it to the end and to help alleviate the hunger issue that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.  The people of Portsmouth are incredible and work together to overcome challenges, whatever they may be. There has been no bigger challenge than COVID, and the community has risen to the occasion. Together 200 offers one more challenge to the community and we feel confident they will once again respond with generosity to these wonderful organizations to reach our goal of $200,000.

All the money donated will benefit the following organizations, according to their website, 

  • Take Out Hunger @
  • Gather @
  • Cross Roads House @
  • The Music Hall @
  • 3S Artspace @
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival @
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center @
  • Seacoast Repertory Theatre @

If you would like to help the organization, please click here.  You can also donate directly to those organizations through  

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan

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