Who are this year's Chili and Chowder Champions of The Lilac City? I'll reveal all four winners of both Judge's and People's Choice right here.

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Judge's Choice Chili Winner : 110 Grill

An outstanding, deceivingly simple chili that combined black beans and ground beef. The flavor was as delicious as it was mysterious. The panel could not quite ascertain the spice combination that made this our champion but that didn't stop us from trying to figure it out, sample after sample.

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People's Choice Chili Winner : Mitchell Hill BBQ & Brew

This brisket based chili was so good that, not only did it dominate the People's Choice, it was also a finalist in the secluded Judge's room as well.

The only reason I knew that, (it was a double blind taste test) was because the extremely tender and high quality brisket quality was easy to identify once I was allowed to sample in the public forum.

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People's Choice Chowder Winner: Unidine - Frisbie Memorial Hospital

I was thrilled to see the return of Dan from Unidine, as his Chili Con Carne took home some hardware two years ago.

This year his seafood chowder won the people over with a perfect consistency, blend of flavor and a generous amount of fresh shrimp.

Judge's Choice Chowder Winner: Rochester Elks Seafood Chowder

Buttery, creamy and a wealth of seafood that made me feel like I was at a $50 Sunday buffet in Vegas. (Probably the greatest compliment I can ever bestow)


Thanks to The Rochester Elks Lodge 1393 for once again treating me like a King and feeding me like one as well!