For my money, there are three essential food choices that can make you impervious to the adverse effects of any bomb, cyclone OR megastorm.

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1. Grilled Cheese

Two (or three or four) grilled cheese sandwiches is a terrific way to start any storm survival meal. Using butter in the pan is a must!

Extra credit for those of you that noticed I threw some bologna in the sandwich on the right.

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2. Soup

Yes it's cliche to pair soup with a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches, but I argue that it's almost criminal to NOT do so.

If you like your soup with a little kick, this Progresso Gumbo delivers the spice you need when hours worth of shoveling await you.

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3. Jalapeno Infused Frito Products

As I just referenced, if I have to tunnel through the Winter Wonderland that 'Grayson' leaves behind, I need HEAT!

Doubling up on Jalapeno based Frito products will get me through any Herculean household hail hauling.

Be SAFE everybody!