The days leading up to The Superbowl are magical time for wagering, even for non-sports fans. Several crazy proposition bets are already popping up on offshore betting sites and I have THREE favorites I've found that I'll feature in this very article!

Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole

1- Total Gisele Sightings: O/U 1.5

In New England, she is Mrs. TB 12. For the rest of the universe, TB 12 is better known as Mr. Bundchen. The GOAT's wife Gisele Bundchen is the world's highest paid model for the past 15 years.

You can make some money by placing it on how many times Fox will show her watching the action. Just once? That's the under. More than once? People with the over will be jumping for joy.


2- ANY Lady Gaga Bet

This category is a bit of a cop out for yours truly. But, each Gaga prop is crazier and more hilarious and the list keeps growing by the minute. Will her hair be purple? Will she be on the roof of the stadium? Will she say 'Trump'? And the specificity in the legalese of a possible wardrobe malfunction (must expose intimate part of body).

HA! I suppose her previous wardrobe choices have warranted that extra proviso! How can one really tell if a hand gliding meat hook with a nuclear warhead brassiere malfunctions?

Catherine Ivill - AMA

3- Some Knucklehead Runs Out On The Field

I hate it when this happens. HOWEVER, when it happens on the gridiron, there have been several instances when a linebacker will flatten said knucklehead and 70,000 people roar their approval.

Believe me, a fifty percent payoff will NOT make it worth it for the flattened knucklehead, yet, NO field invasions pays lot worse. (less than 20 cents on the dollar).

Here's a fun list of NON-Sports related prop bets on Superbowl 51. And 'you can bet' that The Shark will have ALL the action from Westwood One starting at 2:30pm on Sunday, February 5th!

Meanwhile, give me ten bucks on a purple haired Gaga on the roof and an unflattened knucklehead!