I'm just minutes away from crossing the Piscataqua River and diving into the many delicious beers at Stoneface Brewing Company. Here are three that have been getting rave reviews here at The Shark.

1. Gold Spray Paint

BEHOLD! The glorious Gold Spray Paint!

I feel I must be honest in my assessment of MOST IPA's. I think a lot of them taste like acorns.

HOWEVER, pineapple somehow magically transforms IPA into something almost better than beer. This brew comes highly recommended by my digital guru Sean and without getting into any incriminating details, he is a man that knows his beer.

2. Berliner Weiss Cherry and Lime
Here's a direct quote from The Stoneface Brewing Co. Menu.

Traditional German wheat ale that is kettle soured for a tart flavor profile and thirst quenching finish. Using cherries and limes, this variant is loaded
with bright citrus flavor and pours a deep dark pinkish hue.

They had me at wheat ale.

3. Schwarz Side Barrel-Aged Black Lager

As Mel Brooks said, 'May the Schwarz be with you!'

All I need to say about this beer? The barrels that it is aged in are Bourbon barrels.

I'm not sure if this is one of the reasons that the ABV is 7.5%, but I'm only having a tiny bit so, you need not worry.

(Ok, Jodi from Accounting might have to drive me home.)

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