The start to your day is crucial.

The first few moments after you wake, your first sip of coffee, and your first meal fuel the rest of your day and can make or break you.

We all know the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and while it’s certainly not my favorite meal, I can respect that that saying is certainly true.

What’s fun about breakfast is that a lot of the food options are kind of like dessert.

A donut at 7 a.m.? Respectable!

A pastry to start the day? That’s the way!

The real way to get a pep in your step is with some sweet goodness like waffles, pancakes, and even better, French toast.

Best French Toast in Maine

French toast is all about what you serve with it. It’s not necessarily the bread itself that makes the dish but what you stuff it with and sprinkle on top.

My favorite mode of French toast is a cinnamon bun version or one that has so much whipped cream on it you don’t even know what’s underneath.

Some like theirs with chocolate and powdered sugar, others like to add some fruit.

What’s your favorite version of the beloved breakfast item? Everyone loves any style of French toast but most people have their ideal way that it’s made.

Lucky for all of us, Maine is known for its top-rated restaurants so we have plenty of places to choose from no matter where in the state we are located.

Here’s a list of what Mainer’s claim are the best places in Vacationland to score some mean slices of French toast.

30 Maine Restaurants That Serve the Best French Toast

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