As we're all getting frightened by the barrage of bad news concerning COVID-19 around the country, there are good signs that things are on the right track here in New Hampshire.

4 Good Signs To See In NH's COVID-19 Battle

Every night at about 6pm I check in with NH.GOV to see the daily updates of all these important statistics.

The one that I focus the most upon is 'Daily Active Cases'. For the first time since the early grip of 'The Thanksgiving Surge', the number has dropped to 5,214.

If you're ever feeling anxiety about the seemingly never-ending and always escalating pandemic news stories, watch a NH COVID-19 press conference with the aforementioned Governor, HHS Commissioner Lori Shibinette and Dr. Benjamin Chan.

This segment on WMUR-TV is what inspired me to write this entire gallery.

These happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays slightly after 3pm. They will always interrupt The Tamron Hall Show a few minutes in so, don't be alarmed.

With no foreseeable Holiday season that will cause another surge, or wave of surges, I'm hoping that this number will continue to drop by at least 100 cases each day.

I can remember last July, the active cases dropped by about 700 IN ONE DAY and throughout the month of August and most of September, New Hampshire's cases were surprisingly small.

Hopefully, once the active cases get that low again, they will STAY that way.

I'm also looking forward to when my folks and Nana go through the vaccination process next month. Once I get my appointment I'll know what to expect.

Knowledge is always a good cure all for any anxiety.

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