These aren't so much resolutions as they are acquisitions. And almost all of them relate to the cold weather of The Granite State.

4 New Things in 2021 - NH Style!

There's usually an ulterior motive to many of these gallery posts. Whenever I set out some goals to accomplish with visual aids and take the time to write why I need to do something in an itemized list? It greatly increases the chances that I'll get them done.

That being said, the bit about the new furnace? Yeah well, that ain't happening.

I have, however, found a terrific furnace service that has changed the 'Anvil Chorus' into the pleasant hiss that a functional radiator should make. I think I'll cross that one off the list unless an emergency happens. Fingers crossed.

My fridge is beyond hope. The funny thing is, the freezer works great!

I have been rotating frozen 20 ounce water bottles into my fridge to turn into a make shift cooler. Now that the colder weather is here, it helps maintain a low enough temp in the fridge to keep things borderline cool, but this madness needs to end in the spring.

The nose piece on my glasses isn't even original issue anymore, it's just a crazy glue replica of what once was there. Since my glasses are comprised of 70% epoxy, I worry if they will melt right off my face when the first hot weather of 2021 arrives.

The Summer of 2021 could be ever more disastrous than 2020 for your truly unless I make some serious acquisitions soon!

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