Thanksgiving fun doesn't have to go back centuries to qualify as a 'Tradition'. Here are four that maybe your family also partakes in or can plan on next year if you don't!

4 New Weird NH Turkey Day Traditions

Please give yourself 100 bonus points if you're singing the theme song to 'Eight Is Enough'.

For those of you born after the year 2000, this was a TV show from the '70s that focused on the large family from Sacramento named The Bradfords. They would play a particularly vicious game of tackle football in the intro of the show.

The Lapierre family version of football is two hand touch and I have played center and nose tackle since the very inception of this league.

The objective in this game is to make sure each kid under the age of 12 scores a touchdown. The final score is usually up for debate as our scorekeepers aren't particularly good at math.

The only threat of actual violence breaking out on Thanksgiving is if someone tries to change the channel at my Nana's house when The National Dog Show is on.

There has been a major development to 'Early Christmas' as the family that once lived in Connecticut has now moved to Dover. Since the kids are quite fond of getting a huge mountain of Christmas presents on Thanksgiving night, this tradition still will go on.

It's going to be a difficult one this year as CDC Health Guidelines have put a kibosh to our football game. The 'Early Christmas' will have gifts but the family that provides them won't get to see the unwrapping first hand.

I guess I'll have to try to enjoy the brussels sprouts and root for the big dogs with extra enthusiam.


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