This is not special effects or some sort of digital hacking, yours truly is atop the Leaderboard! Here's 4 reasons why.

1. Loyola-Chi

Is this a new drink that you get at highfalutin coffee shops? Nope! It's the 11 seeded Ramblers from Chicago who toppled the 6th seeded Hurricanes. Thank you Loyola! I shall remain Loyola to you FOREVER! (I have them losing to Tennessee tomorrow.)

2. The Townsquare Employee Bracket

Our company gives us the opportunity to fill out a bracket exactly like this one, but we are eligible for cash and prizes. I use The Shark's Million Dollar Bracket as a safety valve by picking the OPPOSITE of the teams I choose 'seriously' for all the marbles. Oh! What a hideous mess that bracket must be right now.

3. It's Early

Anyone who plays these things year in and year out knows that the hero on the first Friday Morning, is usually long forgotten by the time of the Championship. There are still way too many games left. (I realize this isn't a reason WHY I dominated but I thank you for reading to this point.)

4. I'm Due!

In my 16 years at The Shark, I've always been in the Top Ten (I finished second FOUR years in a row at one point) but NEVER WON IT. The law of averages is finally on my side! This is the YEAR!!

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