You may have heard this earlier in the month from our reporting and from Foster's that Aldi's is coming to Dover.  It will be on the corner of Central and Glenwood Ave, just in front of Newburyport Savings Bank, which also just opened.

I had never been to an Aldi's before, so this weekend, we found ourselves in Manchester, so we thought we'd go in and check it out.

  1. You can’t just grab a carriage. You have to give a quarter, then you get it back when you check out.
  2. You gotta bring your own bags. They don’t have any to bag your stuff. They do have bagging tables for you to do it yourself.
  3. Be prepared to wait a little.  One of the things they do to save you (us) money is to be sparse with their employees.
  4. You’ll probably cut your grocery bill in half because of the things they don’t have. Gallon of milk will cost you 1.49. When was the last time you saw that price??!

According to the Foster's Story, Aldi's is opening in the Spring of 2019, so we have a while to wait.


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