Nobody is rooting for Tom Brady more than I am but one thing is for sure. The Bill bashing has to stop! I'm here with 4 ways Belichick has forever changed The Big Game, for the better!

4 Ways Belichick Forever Changed The Big Game

The year before The Patriots shocked the world and defeated 'The Greatest Show On Turf St. Louis Rams' as two touchdown underdogs in Super Bowl XXXVI?

The Baltimore Ravens beat The New York Giants in the Big Game. It was during the team introductions that year when I first thought, I wish this part of the festivities would just go away.

I'm all for self-expression and individuality, but if memory serves, I think Hall Of Famer Ray Lewis' Squirrel Dance went on for about 3 minutes too long.

Once The Pats were introduced as a team the next year? AND WON? Teams would forgo the individual dance routines and that part of the game all but disappeared.

The Pats lost the coin flip in that famous 2002 match up VS. The Rams but if they had won it? I think they'd have deferred possession anyway.

Willingly giving the ball to one of the best offenses in the history of the league seems crazy on paper, but getting the ball in the second half after most of the fans are lining up at the restroom door after watching U2 perform?

It's nice and quiet. The offense can hear the calls of the quarterback as he makes the proper adjustments.

Granted, the cut up hoodies aren't going to mean very much in the record books for future generations, but the other three changes have greatly increased my appreciation of Coach Belichick's 'Super' legacy.

Stop the bashing now! Please and thank you.

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