Growing up in Southern NH, I was exposed to a lot of Boston radio and since music has been my thing since the beginning of time, I heard all kinds of local Boston bands that got their start here.  There were some, like Aerosmith, Boston and J.Geils Band that made it huge, however, there were some bands that were just amazing, but didn't quite get the recognition that those three did for whatever reasons.

My favorite on this list has to be The Fools.  I just love Mike Girard and the energy of that band.  They still play today.  You can see them, when the open up again, at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury or the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.  Mike also has another project called, Mike Girard's Big Swingin' Thing.  A PERFECT name.  You'll understand why if you see the show.  They have a big horn section!  FUN!   I secretly, not so secretly now, want to be part of this band!  I'm gonna work on that.  In the meantime....  here are the other bands from back int he day that I just love:

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