NOOOO!!!  Say it isn't so!  Ahhh.... but it is.

The coming of Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of Summer.  It's a sad time for many, me included.

For those who don't live in the Northeast, let this be an entertaining little peek in to what it's like being a life-long New Englander.

Here in New England, we are about to end our day and a half of warm weather.  I'm exaggerating of course, but that's how it feels when you are about to embark on the other seasons.

There is something to be said for just getting used to the cold.  I know that when I have made visits to Arizona, Florida and Georgia, there were times when I thought I was literally walking around in an oven.  I remember walking around Arizona saying, "This is HELL HOT!"  I meant it too.  I never really experienced temps in the 100's for days and days on end!

You DO get used to the cold here, however, warm weather gear is an absolute must, so here are a few things that I hope to purchase on Amazon to stay nice and toasty warm for the fall, winter and spring.  There's even something for my little winged friends that I have in my backyard.  That's my favorite thing highlighted here.  A cozy little birdhouse!  CUTE!

All of these things are reasonably priced, so you can order them for yourself or give them as gifts!  It's never too early for Christmas shopping!  Either way, they won't break the bank, they'll just warm you up.


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