If you're a true Celtics fan, you know that giving up on The Green Team, just because of a 2 game deficit, would be foolish and silly. Here's a history lesson on why you shouldn't count them out.

5 Celtics Series To Inspire You

I'll admit it. I feared The Miami Heat even as the Celtics did all they could to hang on and beat The Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Semi-Final.

It seems like the defensive plan always allows for loose coverage on the 3 pointer and The Heat have so many great outside shooters. It seems like a horrible match up and my worst thoughts have been confirmed thus far.


The core of this Celtic team is very young and is will not back down from a fight. The sharps in Las Vegas have already determined that The C's are three point favorites for Game 3 on Saturday night and they don't generally throw those point spreads around just for fun.

If the Celtics win that game, as many highly intelligent gamblers think they will, Kemba Walker (if he isn't seriously injured) will have three whole days to rest up for Game 4.

The schedule in the bubble has been quite brutal and hopefully that respite will help the team recover both physically and mentally.

In almost every one of the series that I highlighted above, I was convinced that the Celts didn't have a chance, yet I kept on watching. And time and time again, they kept fighting (sometimes with actual thrown punches) and ultimately prevailed.


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