There's a good chance you were assigned these as 'Summer Reading' or perhaps, you had no idea that they were set in New Hampshire at all! Here are 5 'Classic' New Hampshire based novels.

5 Classic Novels Set In New Hampshire

I feel as if I haven't given the proper amount of respect to John Irving, the Exeter native who just celebrated his 78th birthday this week. He is a graduate of UNH! And his notable works also include The World According To Garp and Cider House Rules.

I selected 'The Hotel New Hampshire', not only for having the state in the title, but also due to the star power of the 1984 film adaptation. I mean Jodie Foster, Rob Lowe and Beau Bridges? Any novel with a movie adaptation that was on HBO in the early 80's will always rank high in my book.

It was Number One on The New York Times Bestsellers List for seven weeks, so, I think that fact speaks for itself.

The photo that accompanies Peyton Place is of actress Lana Turner who was nominated for the The Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Constance MacKenzie in the 1957 film adaptation of the Grace Metalious novel.

On a personal note, Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone' is one of my all time favorite books. If you have never read it, I suggest you add it to your list!

I think Stephen King brilliantly blurs the line between the supernatural and the natural in the book and, as much as I like the Christopher Walken movie and Anthony Michael Hall TV version, nothing compares to the written word!

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