People really get riled up about certain foods and condiments being stored in the fridge. I wonder if some of these practices are due to old local NH traditions? Or just personal taste.

5 Foods To Fridge Or Not To Fridge in NH

I didn't want to open this discussion to herbs and spices as that could 'open up another kettle of fish' which is the last thing I need to do, literally or figuratively.

My Dad always keeps his spicy peppers hanging on the wall in the back room. He picks them in September and strings them up to use for years. He'll grind up cayenne for a pot of chili right off that string and there's nothing better.

Have you ever watched a poblano pepper slowly turn into an ancho pepper for weeks? It's magical!

Even fresher than that? Clipping herbs as they're still growing out of the ground. Fresh picked basil or chives on a hot dish? Anyone putting those items in a fridge should be at least given a fine and made to peel potatoes in a cool, dry place as punishment.

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