They're superstars from nearly every decade of the past two centuries, spanning all genres of sports, broadcasting and entertainment and I bet you may not have known they once played for Boston.

5 Icons Not Known For Their Boston Years

For those of you that listen to The Shark Morning Show, you know that I have used this as my theme this week and it has been surprisingly difficult to come up with good clues for these iconic figures.

Even though Chuck Connors was nowhere near an All Star for the Celtics, he was a two sport professional athlete (played for The Dodgers and the Cubs) and I think the intro to his TV show, The Rifleman, is so timelessly cool that he deserves iconic status.

It's funny, I was never that big a fan of Tim McCarver back when he was broadcasting because I always thought he harbored a bit of resentment towards the Red Sox for releasing him back in 1975.

Listening now to the replays of The World Series, I think that maybe I was harboring more resentment about an 86 year championship drought.

I always say the most fun part of 'Who Are You' is that you learn something new EVRY SINGLE TIME. I was completely flabbergasted to discover that Robert Kraft was part owner of The Boston Lobsters and I think it's good to see that the management was just as good back during Disco's heyday.

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