Thanks to Sarah and an article from The Daily Meal, I never realized how easy it was to make a marinade. Unfortunately, I'm only using what's in my house so I hope these work.

5 Marinades

I always thought that the marinade process was much more involved than it is. If you have 45 minutes and a plastic zip bag, you're pretty much done.

If you're anything like me, you shop for steak the same way you shop for floor wax. It's all about the price. I ain't no gourmet. (Pronounces the T) As long as I cook it long enough, it should be fine. But hopefully these marinades will help out my 'cheapsteak'.

I have to be honest, I think the tequila frightens me the most. I'm not afraid of the booze as I have learned that it quickly dissipates when being cooked. I just wonder if it's going to taste weird because I usually drink tequila with chicken dishes. Not the fault of the liquor, just the stubbornness of my trained taste buds.

I'm most excited about using Liquid Aminos. I know, it sounds like something that was created with a chemistry set but it's really quite the opposite. My opinions on the flavor of every condiment has changed through the years but none more so that soy sauce. When I was a kid, it had to be super salty and NOT taste like soy. As I matured, my taste for soy did as well and for any fan of soy sauce I promise you will love Liquid Aminos.

I really have my work cut out for me now. I just realized that this gallery may cost me 6 to 7 whole dollars in steak purchases.

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