With Dennis Eckersley's departure from the Red Sox broadcast booth, there is bound to be speculation about The Eck's successor(s).

NESN currently has a rotating cast of commentators who fill Eck's chair when he has a night off, including former Sox stars Kevin Youkilis and Kevin Millar.

While the two have fit in nicely with New Hampshire’s Dave O’Brien, here are a few wildcards to keep in mind (hey, at least that’s one Wild Card spot they can dream about…).

Katie Nolan

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Boston native and former ESPN host Katie Nolan has been doing games for Apple TV this season, so why not ask for her in an Eck sign-and-trade? She's a Massachusetts native with the sense of humor needed to get through a four-hour slog.

Pedro Martinez

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Another big swing, but why not ask? The Sox legend – arguably the greatest Sox pitcher of all-time, and unquestionably the funniest – has stood out on the MLB Network. But if the team’s not willing to splurge for its current superstars, how likely is it to open the vault for a retiree?

Derek Lowe

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Lowe filled in briefly in 2013 for the late Jerry Remy and was perhaps the most solid of his fill-ins at the time. In fact, it’s surprising that Lowe wasn’t talked about more or brought back on a permanent basis. This could be due Lowe’s checkered past…though one’s personal life didn’t come into play when it came to the lovable Remy. For some, it can be argued that people change and grow. Which leads us to our next candidate…

Wade Boggs

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Boggs was also a 2013 fill-in for Remy and, like Lowe, brought a wealth of knowledge and good humor to the telecasts. Like Lowe, however, Boggs is remembered by some in New England for having his own baggage. Though by today’s standards, should it disqualify him all these years later (plus, when I was 9, he stopped playing catch with Jody Reed to give me his autograph)?

But we'd be mistaken if we omitted perhaps the best choice of them all...

Dennis Eckersley

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
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Please don't leave us alone with this team, Eck!

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