Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filed by a local NH woman who won $560 million in a recent Powerball drawing.

She has filed a suit in local courts to keep her identity hidden which is at odds with the NH Lottery Commission rules.

In my opinion, anyone who wins any amount of money from any state lottery should be allowed to be anonymous.

Here's why:

1. Greedy relatives: They will come out of the woodwork, no matter how close and nice you think they are.

2. Greedy friends: Same as above. You'll hear from people you haven't known since elementary school looking for a handout.

3. Charity: Though you may give to certain charities already, once your name and winnings become public, you'd better change your phone number as your phone will be ringing off the hook from other well meaning charities looking for donations.

4. Jealous colleagues: I'd have to go into a witness protection program to spare the wrath of some my colleagues if they ever found out I won as much as $20.

5. Threat of harm: While I've been good natured about the above reasons, seriously, in this day and age when everybody's address is on the internet for all to find out, how difficult would it be for some nut to threaten to kidnap and do harm to a family member.

In the end, no state lottery should require it's winners, no matter what the amount, to divulge any personal information, right?

What do you think? Should winners be allowed to stay anonymous or should they have to reveal who they are?

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