The Stratham Fair starts today and here's why you have to go

Music!  Way back when, back in the day, I was looking at the advertisement for the Stratham Fair in the paper.  Yes, it was that long ago.  I saw the headliner and kinda giggled at the name of the band.  I thought, "That's kind of a silly name.  Sounds a little hokey."  Little did I realize that not long after that, I would be a huge fan of that band that went on to sell MILLIONS of records, The Dixie Chicks.  The music at the Beer Tent and at Center Stage this year might be a HUGE act and you can say you saw them first at the fair.  Just don't giggle at their name.

Fair food.  It's usually not healthy, but it's part of the whole fair experience.  Once that smell hits your nose, there's no turning back!  Your stomach demands fair food and what the stomach wants, the stomach gets.  (or maybe that's just MY stomach!)  There is SO MUCH to choose from when it comes to Fair Food.  You have to have a cheat day when you go to the fair because there is so much to choose from.

Fireworks - Opening night is tonight, complete with fireworks!

Chainsaw demonstration - Who wouldn't want to go see someone work a chainsaw like a pro?  I know I'm all in!

Horse & Oxen pull - This is as traditional as you get for an event at the fair.  Fun for the whole family!

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