Friday night, in Meredith, WMUR reports that a three year old was bitten by a fox.  The child has several bite marks on his body.  Fish & Game eventually located the animal and put it down.

Even though this was a fox, our pets are apt to contract rabies.  According to, these are the first symptoms of rabies:

1.  If you see a change in the tone of your dog's bark.  Everyone with a dog knows the sound of their pet's voice.  If you hear any change, make sure you investigate why.

2.  If your pet is chewing the bite site, (rabies, according to, is spread by saliva)  look and see what is bothering them.

3.  If your dog has a fever, give the vet a call.  It's as easy as feeling their skin, even over their fur, you can usually tell if they have a fever.

4.  If your dog isn't eating, that's a sure sign something is wrong

5.  Subtle changes in behavior:  For instance, if your dog loves the water, but all of a sudden, he/she doesn't want to go near water - something is up.

At the worst point of Rabies, according to, your pet could experience awful symptoms like paralysis and coma.

According to WMUR, the child that was bitten is expected to be okay, but he will have to go back to the doctor for follow up in the next few months.

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