After looking out the window for about 6 months, I refuse to spend my Summer Vaca in total lock down mode. Here's my creative list of 'leisure activities'.

5 Things To Do On A NH Staycation

As I look at this checklist, there isn't a great deal of time that will be needed to accomplish these tasks. Mowing nine square feet of lawn, then raking it, then throwing the grass and twigs behind my folks house in Gonic is, by far, the most involved feat.

Telling my neighbor about the wasp nest is a real wild card. Could I simply just let him know and then that will be the end of it?

OR will I have to assist in the extermination?

This neighbor has been much more neighborly than I have been with tasks like yard work and snow shoveling. I feel a great debt of gratitude and would wear a bee keepers suit if he asks me to help.

At least they're not murder hornets.

I also wonder how my fragile psyche will cope with visiting Oxford in these strange new times. I LOVED their self serve soda fountain and, for the time being, that has been, 'put on ice'.

Also, there isn't any food served anywhere at the casino. Every time I make a non-overnight stay at Oxford, I ALWAYS get one piece of cheese pizza and one piece of pepperoni from the Express.

I suppose if this is the most I have to worry about, then I'm in pretty good shape.

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